cod. R0363L(LARIMAR)
cod. R0363L(LARIMAR)

cod. R0363L(LARIMAR)

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  • Silver 925.
  • Larimar.

"Larimar is a perfect tool for anyone who finds themselves struggling with controlling emotions and communicating how we truly feel within. This stone activates and unlocks our throat chakra and forces one to open themselves up to the loved ones around us. This mineral will help keep your mind in a calm state and allow for true emotions from the heart to surface."

Avoid exposing your jewellery to corrosive agents that will deteriorate its brightness and color: fresh and salt water, soaps, perfumes, creams or products with alcohol, sweat, sun, etc. Proper use and care will ensure that your jewellery lasts in perfect condition.  

Beyond Native pieces are ethically made with no exploitation of Human beings, Animals and Environment. Each piece is hand made with the good energy of local Balinese artisans, in family owned Bali factories.   

By purchasing our products, you are directly supporting the development of the communities, families and children of Bali.

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